Sarah with her trombone Hello Music Friends!!

A very Happy 2007!! I wish each of you beautiful music, love, laughter and all the things which bring you peace and happiness!

Thank you for making 2006 a great year-- I appreciate your support and enthusiasm. So many exciting concerts, wonderful people and fabulous destinations, I did a rough count and realize I performed for over 180,000 people in live concerts over the last year. That would have been a small number performing with Ray CHarles, but as a trombonist/bandleader with my own bands playing original music, this exceeds any thing I had ever imagined possible. So, thank you to the many promoters and festival organizers, the staff, and most of all the fans and music listeners!


My New CD-- ELEKTRIC AIR, is due out in March 2007. THis is a very exciting project for me; please check back soon to see a completely new website and hear a completely new sound. Musicians include: Chris Dave (drums), Robert Glasper (piano/rhodes), Derrick Hodge (bass), Jahi Sundance (turntables) and Sarah (me! on trombone, live augmented trombone, and compositions).

A special thank you to the producers at NPR who chose our set from the Kennedy Center in May 2006 to be part of a special documentary-- "Washington D.C: A City of Music". THey chose 8 live concerts from various DC venues over the last year and our set was chosen as one of the 8 -- plus it was the only jazz concert chosen! I'm honored to help represent our country's capital around the world!

And yes, BONE DOCTOR is still coming!! Itz HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to see many of you again this year!

Thank you for keeping creative music alive by supporting it in anyway you can!

Beautiful Music, Sarah Morrow

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